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> > > Crips mean cash: disability as a commodity


6 May 2015

Colin Hambrook

Personally, I have a preference for 'bad art' over 'good art'. Purveyors of what’s deemed commercial or popular are at the mercy of whims of fashion, which more often than not knock the stuffing out of anything that could be deemed to be called creative or imaginative.

Thank goodness for the thunderball I say. In fact I think players of the lottery should get free or concessionary tickets. People tend to forget that the when they see publicly-supported arts events the money rarely comes from the tax-payer.

24 April 2015


MORE WRITING LIKE THIS IS NEEDED. It must be very very tedious to be on the receiving end of all the usual (not very) 'well-meaning' claptrap. KEEP FIGHTING FOR PROPER RESPECT

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