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To interupt the series on Liminality.....

...... I went out last night with Suzanne Bull and Peter Hope and as i've already said on facebook

Its a simple comment but it blew me away.

We talk about isolation and loneliness and here are two people who i wouldn't normally thinks that applies to but Pete was talking to me about making friends with us all through our activism and finished by saying "and here we are twenty years on".

Blimey is it so long since we changed the world.

Another 20 and maybe we'll be gone but those ideas will live on and the changes we made will not be lost because as i've heard a lot of this year..... you can't defeat an idea.

Rock On Social Modellers, Independent Livers. We made it happen

Posted by Rich Downes, 25 February 2015

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Flo Brooks - A Heavy Load; Participatory Review 3

Tribute to Colin Hambrook. Who said this review looks more like a series of blogs rather than a review. he knows so much that man.

The original review with this photo was short, succinct and so very, very, wrong and it contained this nugget:

"I am fascinated by the look of the Muddy Lane String Band. Folk is white, folk is old, folk is cashmere jumpers and a finger in the ear. I wear my prejudices well. Black and white for this colour snap".

And I know
What i know
And what I know
Is wrong
So very wrong
But what i know is right
The right i know
Diffferent from the wrong
I know
Changed circa 62
A curl
A hat
A snarl
A stare
65 Electric
Drug Addled
Lyrical Consciousness
Black and white dream
Turns to polaroid colour
68 Camden Roundhouse
Zep bowed to Albion
Fairport Folk Rock
Revolt turning
Guitar pounding
Ch Ch Changes
Stop changing
Til later
Old thyme time
by Martin
et al
and on and on
Never ever
What you read
The old folk
The new folk
The one folk
The you
The we
The people

Posted by Rich Downes, 23 February 2015

Last modified by Rich Downes, 23 February 2015

A Heavy Load / Participatory Review 2

I like that. Participtory Review 2. It the rhyme. A happy accident. Unplanned. Adventures in liminality continue.

Where was I. Oh yes. The review continued like this. A photograph. The same one that appears here. A flash. I am now in the scene. Participatory. The words that followed came like this.

"The band waits to play. Some are attentive of each other. The banjo player knows he is being shot. A set list lies on the floor. This is the Muddy Lane String Band, contributors to the Private View. They are not on yet. They are tuning up, readying themselves for the gig. Waiting is always the worst moment for me. Adrenalin kicks in. Messes with my thoughts. I have not started my own liminal or abstract moments".

What happens whilst waiting
Red hot anticipation
Like before the exam starts
Cold. Ice blue.
Sucking on a polo
Nothing can hurt
But not for the band
Devine Smith and Downes
Waiting for the man
Drip drip Adrenalin
Pores close
I spend waiting moments
Clearing my urinary tract
Other times
I span the set
Looking for signs
Of unheralded suprise
The suprise unlike sun rise
Never happens
The Set
The Song
The banter
Same show as last show
The liminal strains to be unleashed
In the waiting hour
A buzz
A dark black t shirted roadie
Stalks the mike
One two, One two.
The sites, the sight, the sound
Its getting closer
We share a look
A smile
A joke
We stand inside historic moments
And history recalls
Kings Queens
And players
But we were there
We heard
We saw
We did not conquer 

Posted by Rich Downes, 22 February 2015

Last modified by Rich Downes, 22 February 2015

A Heavy Load. Participatory Review

Photograph of a Flo Brooks Painting showing a woman working, shaping an object.

Warning this is not a review. This started as a review. There was an event. Time. Place. Art the dominant subject. I was there to review. Then something happened. I was captured by an idea. I ran amok with it. I got some of it right. I got some of it wrong. I'm still adventuring.

Here is the start of the story.

ON 10th February i attended a Private View. Flo Brooks exhibition Heaving The Lead Cecil Sharp House

Flo Brooks describes liminality as ‘an unstable, mutating in betweeness. She finds it between people, places and time. History is presented in linear fashion. Dates are prominent. But history is not the full story. What happens in the moments between the moments that are captured in books, in script , in picture. Flo Brooks spent time in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library researching Folk’s social history. She found herself interested inthe wider picture, in the times between the times and sought to find a way in which to interrupt time through an exhibition of acrylics on wood.

I am reminded now as I prepare for my morning coffee of a painting where an hand proffers a cup to a man opening a flask. My presumption is the flask holds tea but it could be beer. My presumption interrupts time. I wait impatiently for the kettle to boil but maybe the characters in the painting experience different thoughts. The flask holder excitement of the appreciation his drink will bring, the cup holder; a sense of suspense, a longing for taste. Such is the liminal. That sense of something happening in the space between frozen moments.

I am attracted to the idea. I feel the suspensions between a pearly person dying buttons in accordance with a secret family recipe, a fork entering a fry up, a saw about to cut, a dance on a beer laden table (will the ales spill?). I feel the liminal myself standing on a stair bound exhibition (will I fall between paintings?)  and I try to catch something of the liminal myself in the photos that I take.

Later, I seek to manipulate the images. Abstract them somehow. Cropping, changing colours, messing with brightness and colour. Flo Brooks has done the same with her acrylics. Shapes float the moment recorded. I perceive this as capturing movement. Though it could also be reflections of people surrounding the moment but not of the moment. How can I do this myself?

Posted by Rich Downes, 18 February 2015

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 18 February 2015