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A proper right winger / 8 December 2015

Today, in history, John Lennon was murdered. I'm wondering now we're bombing Syria if Give Peace A Chance has been removed from the Beeb's playlist as it was when we went into Iraq along with any other peace song.

Last night in my history for the first time I watched Gerard Deulofeu play for Everton for 90 minutes. A proper right winger.

Everton, the toffee men. Almost got themselves into a sticky mess. In spite of having a proper right winger.

Like a proper right winger he dribbled.

Like a proper right winger he got his crosses in.

Today in history I hear the French went and elected a proper right winger

Today in history I heard what Donald Trump said. Republicans eh!!!

Like George Bush or Diddy David eh!!! Except Diddy's not a republican.

Gerard Deulofeu, a proper right winger. He was dangerous.

A lot of his crosses bombed though.

But I admired his bravery. The way he just walked into the box.

The way he just stepped over.

The way he flew his wing

Gerard Deulofeu. My idea of a right winger.

Football. It's all balls innit?


Rich Downes

10 December 2015

I was in bed too but wasn't pregnant. I kept my curtains closed and took to wearing a mourning suit with a scarf and shoes. Like crossing Abbey Road in reverse. Clean shaven too. I remember getting really paranoid on top of the deep sadness I felt.

Deborah Caulfield

8 December 2015

Good blog, Rich. I like it a lot.

I still miss John Lennon. I remember where I was when I heard he'd been killed - early morning, in bed and pregnant with my second child.

Bastard right-wingers seem to be multiplying like the proverbial whatever it is that multiplies despite the carnage and mayhem they cause.

Glad you're hanging on in there.

Take care.

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