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> > > The Art of Bedlam: Richard Dadd


6 January 2016

Deborah Caulfield

Rich, do go to the exhibition of you can. The museum itself is also interesting.

That picture is definitely Dadd's face, I reckon. Certainly it's more or less acknowledged that it's a man's face.

Patrick, thank you for highlighting Louis Swain, an interesting artist, certainly. There was an exhibition if his work in 2012.

5 January 2016

Patrick Wood

Thank you for an interesting and informative review.

It would be good if the gallery could arrange a Louis Wain show at some time in the future.

5 January 2016

Richard Downes

many thanks for this. particularly enjoyed the links. Gave me a mind to go.

Am I alone in thinking the idea for a sketch for mary jane shows a very similar face to Dadd's self portrait?

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