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Let's talk about the weather / 8 January 2016

I love the weather. Perhaps not the actual weather - like the rain we've had here for last few weeks and the flood i had a couple of days ago - but the general weather - and we are blessed in the UK with such a variety. It used to be a topic to get anyone talking - but now with the phones and tablets and apps we don't talk so freely to strangers.

My current exhibition is an attempt to address that and also explore wellbeing through the weather - using it as a metaphor. My head feels a litttle foggy today, my thinking is a little cloudy, s/he stormed out of that meeting - oh they have such a sunny disposition.

Opening on 16th of January at noon is my newly curated exhibition at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre Cwmbran 'An ‘in’ with a stranger' 

For more details click on this link to Dao's listings.

Keywords: visual arts,weather


Jane mccormick

12 January 2016

Under the weather myself today Aidan. Sunny spells with low level depression sweeping in from the west....localised flooding to be expected at this time of year and I'm warned not to travel far from the bed except absolutely necessary.

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