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> > > Deafinitely Theatre to tour new children’s production: Something Else


9 April 2015

laura clarke

hi i am sorry to see that i have missed this production. my daughters life is exactly like the write up of something different and it is so sad to see. she is 4 1/2 loves life, acting, fishing, loves people and is deaf so is shunned all the time by other children and not understood or accepted at all. she is bullied frequently and is just desperate to have friends. as we live in dorchester dorset there are not any children around us that use BSL and are deaf, there are a few bsl users that are hearing children of deaf adults but these children often bully my daughter. we are looking at moving area so that she can go to deaf school, but at heart i have always wanted to homeschool and schools put such restrictions on travel we will be unable to take her out of school for winter term to go and visit family for 3 to 4 months in zimbabwe. is there any chance of meeting the team or another production of the show nearer here in the south. i am very interested that paula has two deaf children and would love to meet up. sadly we are hearing but trying to learn BSL to communicate with our daughter as quickly as possible.

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